Fitness Programs for NYC, including Boot camp, Corporate Fit Training, Life Coaching and Kids Boot Camp.

NYC Boot Camp – Our most popular fitness program

What is the NYC Adventure Boot Camp for Women?
A four-week outdoor program of fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training provided by New York City’s local fitness and nutritional experts Stacy Papakostas.

What if I’m not very physically fit?
NOBODY will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Nor will anybody go home unchallenged! Women of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate. Each day will slightly increase in intensity. You will inspire and be inspired by others.

What types of exercises are included in the program?
Exercises include: core conditioning, functional training, short distance running (less than one mile), muscular strength, jumping rope, circuit training, hiking, obstacle courses, PAR course, Pilates mat exercises, surprises and more! Learn more about NYC Boot Camp.

Additional fitness programs


Corporate package.

Busy schedule? No problem. Are you free for lunch?

“I’ll have the grilled chicken sandwich or a green smoothie and a 45-minute workout, to go!”

Lunchtime workouts is an easy way to squeeze in the much needed physical activity in your life. Use your break or lunch time to get your blood pumping and a healthy release of those endorphins.

On the premises of your job (optional, or in the park) I come to you. People are searching for the miracle pill. It doesn’t exist.

No pill can replace hardwork and dedication, but you can replace that cup of coffee with a natural pick me up.The magic that everyone is looking for is in motion.

Just move your body and see the magic in it.

For more information about this and other fitness programs please feel to contact me or call:
Stacy Papakostas


I am excited to announce life coaching.

Life coaching is an ongoing relationship of trust, respect, clarity and commitment. It helps you to explore any area of your life that you would like a positive change in.

While driving on the highway of life to our destinations (goals). We sometimes exit and take the scenic route.

These pit stops can be positive or negative. Some of us unpack at these pit stops and never return to the highway, some become complacent and others get lost or lose focus I will help you navigate back on track and arm you with the tools so that you may enjoy the pit stops while continuing on the path you set out for.

As your personal life coach I will help you in the process of being clear of your goals, your vision and what you want in your life. Learn how to set goals and hold yourself accountable to your commitments.

The biggest obstacle in life is ones self. We fear change. We become comfortable with just making it. We tell our children and young people never give up and never give in yet we do it everyday. It’s time to change that. Set realistic goals and take the steps to get there.

Don’t be afraid of failing .Failing is our eternal teacher. You will know what to do and what not to next the next time. We never stop learning, so don’t stop yourself from growing.

As the best coaches are to the best players on the winning team. This life coach will be that and more to anyone who wants to win in the game of life. I will also teach you how to use my three C’s motto; Consistency, Commitment and Control.

Let’s start this journey today!

For more information about this and other fitness programs please feel to contact me or call:
Stacy Papakostas


My kids boot camp: Stacks camp

Your child has the option of group training or one on one sessions to help them reach their goals in a safe, effective and fun way.

Sessions are tailored workout programs to meet your child’s specific needs, ability, age and goal.

Children will also learn about nutrition and Diet. (Healthy snacks)

Children will be taught the importance of proper form of exercises as well as the best way to avoid injury.
Most importantly, children will learn a workout that is FUNctional as well as how to use my three C’s Motto to strengthen every aspect of their life.

For more information about this and other fitness programs please feel to contact me or call:
Stacy Papakostas