Do you have dreams that you haven’t yet achieved?

Do you have dreams that you haven’t yet achieved?

Do you have a list of accomplishments yet to be checked off your to-do list? 

Can you picture your dream self – a version of you that you would be proud of? 

It’s pretty easy for most of us to notice and fixate on our flaws. You could probably rattle off a dozen things that you’d like to change about yourself. 

But what about your aspirations? How clearly can you see these? And what about the daily behaviors needed to achieve your aspirations? 

Humans are wired to be dreamers. We crave growth and desire to evolve. However it’s easier said than done, for a couple of very simple reasons:

1. You Aren’t Clear Enough On Your DESIRED OUTCOME  2. You Don’t Install The NECESSARY HABITS To Reach Your DESIRED OUTCOME

Without these two steps, our aspirations are simply hopeful ideas that float around in our heads, occasionally popping up in the front of our minds without giving us any way of achieving them. 

DESIRED OUTCOME: What exactly is it that you want to achieve? Being healthier or looking more fit or getting ber are too general to be impactful targets. Your brain needs to have a very clear picture of your exact desired outcome so it can determine the necessary habits needed to achieve it. 

• Being healthier by going on a walk every night after dinner. 

• Looking more fit by eliminating refined sugar from my diet. 

• Getting ber by doing 50 push-ups every morning.

NECESSARY HABITS: It’s natural to think about the ultimate outcome that we want rather than focusing on the necessary habits that could get us there – but when you stop to think about how achieving outcomes works, it is all about the daily grind of necessary habits that get you there.

Let’s say there’s a cafe one mile down the road from your house and you want to go there for lunch. You can imagine yourself sitting there, enjoying their famous soup and fresh salad with a glass of iced tea. The cafe is where you want to be, but you’re still sitting at your house with a full mile of sidewalk standing between you and your desired outcome. 

Do you stay home and daydream about that great lunch or do you walk there and get it?

To get to the cafe you must simply start walking in the right direction. One simple step after another. 

Taking repeated steps is the necessary habit to reach the desired outcome of sitting in the cafe, enjoying a wonderful lunch. 

This goes for anything that you want to achieve. Find the necessary habit that will move you in the right direction, day after day, and you will achieve your desired outcome.

Make Your Mornings Count!!

Motivation is always the highest first thing in the morning… so think about what habits you MUST get done early in the day. 

… drink more water … take your vitamins … eat your greens … exercise … read

How many of these habits could you string together before you even leave the house?