Timeout New York: Personal trainer recommendations

Personal trainer recommendations for staying fit in NYC this year

Start sculpting that killer bod and reinvigorate your fitness routine by following the advice from these top personal trainers

It’s a known fact that it’s never too early—or too late—to kickstart your fitness regimen. Maybe you’re getting in shape to meet that special someone, or you’re being booted into the gym by your, uh, better half—or perhaps you just want to feel more energized. Whatever the reason, check out these personal trainer tips and get your mojo working.

Stacy Papakostas, 38, NYC Adventure Boot Camp

Tip: “Start off with something fun and go easy on yourself. Set a goal, but know it’s going to be slow going.”

Myth: “There is no such thing as spot reducing. I get people telling me they just want to [flatten] their stomach. But you have to eat clean and exercise and lose the weight from your whole body.”

Training technique: “We focus on strength training and cardiovascular [work], and then we always finish sessions with yoga.”

Testimonial: “My class right now has a thread of text messages from their first tough week, going through the weight-loss challenge: ‘I’m starving!’ ‘I’m so hungry I’m gonna kill someone!’ But a lot of the women in my camp become friends, so there’s a sense of accountability and teamwork, where you don’t want to let down your classmate.” Various locations (917-822-3440, nycadventurebootcamp.com). One-on-one training starts at $150 per session; call for group rates.

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timeout new york personal trainer recommendations